On 2 July 2008, my life shattered.

The telephone call every parent dreads came through to me on that evening at about 19h45pm.

Christopher, my 17 year old son had been killed in a car accident.

My work as laid out on this website, is inspired by the vibrant life of the most beautiful being I have ever known and the journey of healing that continues, after surviving the unimaginable.

The art was how I began to heal my heart.

The jewelry carries his heart’s message to the world.

The massage, bodywork and dance helped me to take my focus off myself through service to others, and helped my body to stay on this earth, when all it wanted to do was leave.

This is the way I spread his love, and my love.

With thanksgiving to my Heavenly Father without whose free gift of Grace, which pours out to me from eternity, none of this would be possible.